Maria Deslis

Cosmic Self Portrait

This was the first sketch/program I created using an IDE called Processing. This piece of software allowed me to visualize what my code was doing since Processing is designed with artists in mind.

Rather than create a traditional self-portrait, I sketched (as it's called in processing) my self-portrait by using graphics and symbols to represent myself instead.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

Sailor Moon has been a huge part of my identity for as long as I remember. On top of that, my father has worked for JPL/NASA. Thus, from a young age I have always felt an intense connection to the cosmos and celestial beings in space. Even when they have fictional versions of them like Pluto from Mickey Mouse or the Sailor Senshi themselves.
So to emulate both of these, I created two circles, one within the other too look like the old school style of the Sailor Moon crescent design. Meanwhile, in the background, you can see stars appear and fade into the background. More and more stars show up and continue to fade. The stars are actually a bunch of tiny ellipses being drawn, and when the next set of stars is to be drawn, I drew light pink layer over the previous set of stars and draw on the new set and repeat.