Maria Deslis

Teaching Myself How to Make a Level in Unity

Becoming a game designer/developer is my dream in life. However, I was always very nervous about making game as a professional. I always felt I was behind since I did not go to a game design/development university program. I have a more traditional coding/software development background.

I wanted to break the cycle and start building my skills and work to pursue my goals. I found a wonderful site called which is an online learning site that teaches almost any subject you want to learn! All you have to do is put the work in!

I made dis!
I made dis!

I chose and purchased a course called "Become a Game Designer the Complete Series Coding to Design". It was a course that was covered all aspects of a making a game. From the code, to the level design to the blender/Maya animations.

So, long story short, I took the time to learn the nuances in coding for Unity and ended up making a simple and easy level. There is not so much a play as it is just environment building. In this demo level, I was able to apply the knowledge of what I had learned so far into one place.

This included terrain and material building, sound effects and programming, light effects and programming, water animation and basic walking functionality for the player.

The level is not a completely original design by me to be clear. It is a level I builty as I learned. However, I found it very impressive considering a month before I dove into the course I knew nothing about how to even use Unity - now I can make quick overworlds and tinker with them to my hearts content in a moments notice!

Please click the link below to open a new tab and walk around!

Controls : Mouse to look around, WASD or Arrows to move around

I made dis!