Maria Deslis

Maria Deslis

My name is Maria Deslis and I am an amalgalm of engineer and artist. I am currently a graduate student at CU Boulder under the ATLAS MS-CTD (Creative Technologies and Design) program.

"CTD graduates are creative problem solvers. Through project-based learning, students gain technical fluency, designing systems and products to realize their creative visions. CTD students are not just design thinkers; they’re creative technologists equipped with portfolios of thoughtful projects and prototypes." - CU Boulder ATLAS MS-CTD

I have done full stack software/web/mobile development most of my life. What I am intrigued by and enjoy the most, however, is front-end part of coding, such as user interface and design. I like making it intuitive, inviting, and enganging to users - especially when it comes to video games. I firmly believe that video games have the power to change the world for the better and my goal is to one day have my games in the world and be a part of the gaming industry. I am working on achieving these goals through my Master's program and beyond!

I am currently studying 3D Printing, Arduino projects, and Design Methods.

In my free time I love:

  • Gaming
  • Crafting and Inventing
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Playing Piano
  • Swimming and Hiking
  • Playing Pokemon GO
  • Anything Sailor Moon related
  • The Cosmos

Patio the Cat-io
Patio The Cat-io